Zalman z11 ssd slot. Zalman Z11 Plus Case SSD Holder - [Solved] - Components

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I used the dedicated SSD mount location. The upper radiator area can take either MM or MM fans, as well, while the front and rear fans are restricted zalman z11 ssd slot MM.

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If Zalman is looking to impress in a crowded market, attention to detail in every single area is necessary. If you put one side in first, then screw in the other it fits perfect with the little the metal mounds filling up the screw holes on the other side.

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The dedicated SSD holder had me fooled for a while, but all you need to do is locate the bottom holes on the SSD over the 'bumps' in the lower brackets and the SSD locates easily, and then insert the top screws.

With case manufacturers taking every step to make sure their cases offer the best possible looks and cable management, Zalman really could have stepped it up here.

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Thankfully I broke my Blu Ray player software disc, so the seller sent a new set of screws, cables and disc and I used those screws for the drive, because like the OP's there isn't enough clearance for Zalman's ones TristramShandy Apr 7, Another aesthetic complaint is that the motherboard header cables are multicolored.

Personally, I still screw my optical drives into the case as I prefer the security provided by this method. If it does it will be on one screw.

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Overall, the internals of the Z11 Neo are well thought out and on par with competing cases. Besides the minor issues I noted, I really liked the internal layout of the Z11 Neo. The 80MM exhaust fan fits securely in the side panel of the Z11 Neo and is easily uninstalled by removing the four corner screws and sliding the fan down. This is an oversight by Zalman that I think they should seriously reconsider on future models.

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Other manufacturers have stepped up as of late and are shipping cases with header cables in a uniform color, which really enhances the looks. I really feel like Zalman limited this case by making two drive bays inaccessible.

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The bottom bay can also be removed, but there will be limited application for this in the Z11 Neo. Zalman had to make a choice between aesthetics and function here and they choose aesthetics. Zalman installs four of these and leaves installation of the rest up to the customer, based on the motherboard they are using.

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The glowing omission here is the lack of rubber grommets on the cable management holes. Zalman should have included more than one replacement cover to help complete the package, or just ship the case with regular slot covers.

Zalman Z11 Neo Mid Tower Case Review

I can see this being a detractor for people who would use these locations for bay reservoirs or fan controllers. These bays do not include a tool-free design, instead Zalman includes thumbscrews, which will be a let down for many.

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I found there's a tray included for SSDs in the front bay, but Zalman didn't machine a screw hole on the front of the case meaning once that panel's removed it may never go back in place. Putting the SSD in a front bay wouldn't have needed an extension cable for me.

If you don't want to return it, buy the 2. They do include 2.

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Call or email zalman, or use the storage cage. Realistically, these exhaust fans are probably doing more harm than good. I have this problem too, with the no holes on the bottom, what do I do?

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