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A designation of a lottery ticket under which the winnings from the ticket are payable to the person possessing the ticket or to the order of the person who has demonstrated bearer status by signing the ticket as the owner. The telecommunications infrastructure that provides point-to-point communication between the lottery terminals and the central computer.

The electronic banking process which utilizes clearing house transactions to deposit or debit authorized accounts. A point at which players, when jackpots remain steady for a period of time, lose interest in playing.

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A four-digit number made up of two doubles, i. A free-standing self-service device which accepts currency or other forms of payment, where available, and permits a player to select and play terminal-based lottery games.

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The percentage of sales returned to the players in the form of prizes. Retailer with multiple locations in one jurisdiction, or throughout the country with a central headquarters. Lotteries still may use the term to refer to games offered via a lottery retail terminal at a licensed lottery retail location, but in this context they do not mean games offered via the internet.

Some lotteries are responsible for charitable gaming in their jurisdictions — they may provide the games, licensing functions or other assistance for charitable organizations that conduct fundraising activities like bingo, raffles, Monte Carlo and other games.

See also Cash Option.

Invitation to Bid ITB: Trademarked brands and products that have been licensed by a lottery for use in game themes, images, etc. The process of sending new or updated software to the lottery terminals. A single payment, rather than an annuity paid over a multiple-year period, awarded as a prize to a player.

The lump sum value is determined by bond rates used to purchase an annuity. The number of draws and time span vary from lottery to lottery. The statistical study of human populations especially with reference to size and density, distribution and vital statistics. Promotional materials that are on display near a lottery terminal or register for the purposes of advertising or promoting specific lottery games.

The study of total size, sex, territorial distribution, age, composition and other characteristics of human populations; the analysis of changes in the make-up of a population. The top prize in any game.

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Offerings to retailers, usually in the form of cash, to reward and retain their participation and partnership with a lottery. This system communicates with all the lottery terminals in retail locations. The computer program that controls the functionality of a lottery terminal.

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Wagering money in an attempt to make a profit. An acrylic counter display unit housing multiple instant ticket game packs and accessible to the retailer only.

A multiplier option usually requires an additional wager amount. Offered by many lotteries around the world, and all lotteries in Canada, a sports lottery involves wagering on sporting events.

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Box ed Bet Any Order: A retailer can insert the play slip into a reader and the lottery terminal will generate a lottery ticket for a draw or terminal-based game. A spiel is an optional additional purchase for the player, and is drawn separately from the main numbers on the lottery ticket. Some games utilize multiple ball draw machines.

Cash In minus Cash Out for a video lottery terminal. Wagering services outside of U. A free-standing vending device into which a player inserts cash or other forms of payment, where available, and then selects instant game tickets they wish to purchase.

A winning ticket that has been properly sold but not claimed by a player before its expiration date. Lottery games that are offered in more than one jurisdiction, allowing lotteries to generate larger jackpots than they could individually. One of the classic keno games is 10 of 20 of Keno draws typically occur every four or five minutes.