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In however he managed to escape from the castle by hiding in a big wooden bookcase which was being brought out of the castle. The castle has two parts, the original castle the main building and the fortress which was built later during the Dutch struggle for independence during the 16th century Two days later they were joined by another 10 of their fellows.

Loevestein Castle is a well-known castle in the Netherlands and a popular destination for a lot of school trips.

Tying the Knot in an Impregnable Stronghold

In case you want to check out castles in the Netherlands the nicest ones to check out are: Anyway check it out!. In the 16th century an earthwork fortress was put up around the castle of which some can still be seen today.

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William gained the castle's fief as a reward. I love castles, i have seen several in The Netherlands and also in other countries.

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Until there was a lot of turmoil in the regions politics and a couple of keepers succeeded one another. With possessing the castle came the right to charge tolls from passing ships.

Alas, the reinforcements never made it because of wintry conditions and a small Spanish army recaptured the castle after a short siege.

She then used the castle for the first time as a prison for political opponents. In the castle was taken by cunning; 8 Calvinist rebels disguised as monks, managed to get into the castle and quickly shot the keeper of the castle.

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You can see the difference when you enter grounds of the castle In the 19th century the castle was incorporated into a new and enlarged earthwork fortress which made the castle an important stronghold in the New Hollandic Waterline a line of defensive works using water throughout the western part of Holland.

Loevestein Castle lost its military function in Other occupants were a battalion of Scottish mercenaries around who left some murals in their living quarters.

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From then until the castle changed hands between the Spanish and the rebels called the Beggars once more and never came under Spanish rule again. The Spanish later decapitated his corpse and nailed his head to the gallows in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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It's also one of my favorites. Muiderslot, Ammersoyen, Huis Bergh, Loevenstein, castle Radboud and castle De haar though this is more like a disney castle.

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The Dutch Castles will not strike you as huge castles, but they are unique in their defenses making use of what the terrain had to offer For me it was nice, also because it was next to a river Jacoba van Beieren in Dutch. The interior of Loevestein Castle can be visited, with a guided tour, for a small fee.

From on the castle was used as a state prison.

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The entrance fee for a grown up is EUR 9,- and you can get an audio tour no clue how much it costs