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Docking and vehicle mounting Semi-rugged notebooks such as the Getac S are often used in vehicles.


Most rugged notebooks, including the S, will be used outdoors and sometimes in bright, direct sunlight. In addition, TPM can be used to create certificates that can be used to: A few words about screen brightness here: And the 1, nits of the lower res 1, x pixel standard display is brighter yet.

Viewing angles are important. Getac generally calls theirs "QuadraClear" see QuadraClear page. S ports can also provide power to the devices connected to them. Both the standard x and the optional high-res x displays are s400 slot bright and have smoothly operating capacitive multi-touch that can be set via control panel to work with gloves, with a supplied capacitive narrow-tip pen, and in wetness.

How did Getac address this tough predicament in the S? As far as sealing goes, the S carries an IP51 rating, where the "5" means that the unit is protected against dust but with limited amounts permitted and that it's also protected against vertically falling drops of water. The way that works is that there's a constant two-way between device so that risk can be monitored and assessed remotely, and the device disabled if need be.

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With the older S, while the unit's optical drive was removable, it could not be used for other s400 slot. In terms of screen real estate, compared to the x pixel XGA resolution that was the gold standard in rugged notebooks for many years, it's like getting getting an additional third added on the side.

The S's passive pen does not work in this mode, which would point toward a self-capacitance solution unlike in the Getac V where the passive pen continues to work in wet modebut Getac says they used controller sensitivity to handle the job. That's pretty much the default these days, and has been ever since the first iPhone introduced all that elegant, effortless tapping, panning, pinching and zooming to the world.

Real-world mileage will vary, as always. That's generally enough to let a unit survive a fall from a desk. Because of S port's high data transmission speed, it is often used with multimedia devices such as digital cameras. Note that Getac's own G-Manager utility also includes a Battery status screen that pretty much confirmed the results we'd seen on BatteryMon.

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The term derives from its four core features: The more glossy S display does show reflections, but its big advantage is instantly obvious: All of those use Getac's Lumibond 2. Standard transmissive LCD displays, however, wash out in daylight, and that's why over the past few years, sunlight-readability has become a major selling point in the rugged notebook sector.

That said, time has moved on, and with smartphones and consumer tablets now offering very high resolution, customers more and more expect the same form laptop screens. Some users may never implement TPM, fingerprint scanning or even passwords, whereas others may be set up in accordance s400 slot their company's IT security procedures, or they may configure an individual system for maximum security.

They pop up in their own windows, and the only additional wish I'd have is being able to set the graph upper and lower limits. Send and receive secure email, Set up the browser for client identification, Sign Word s400 slot, Encrypt individual files or entire folders, and Create secure network connections. It is also one of the fastest systems in consumer use.


Our evaluation unit had the optional x pixel display, which makes for pixels per inch. Display size, though, isn't everything. Works with gloves and when it's wet Another issue with capacitive touch is that it in its generic form, it only works with human fingers or, to a lesser extent, with capacitive styli.

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Unfortunately, wetness and the need for gloves is exactly what one often encounters where ruggedized computing gear such as the Getac S is used. That is usually done by increasing the sensitivity of the touch controller, so that it can recognize a finger even a brief distance away s400 slot the screen, s400 slot in the distance that the material of a glove adds to the finger's distance from the screen.

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The strong backlight can really save the day, but it must be used wisely as it draws a lot of power. Multi-touch and an very good narrow-tip capacitive stylus Touch used to be an uncommon option on notebook computers, but tablets and the latest versions of Windows 8.

Do keep in mind, though, that power settings do affect clock speed. An integrated dedicated GPS receiver is optionally available, and for Wide Area Network communication, there is an optional Gobi mobile broadband module with carrier independence. And there's another quality the S display has: Getac calls their layer bonding process "LumiBond" see LumiBond page.


The S is available with several Skylake processor options. You can customize the settings and even have certain features such as Bluetooth, S400 slot or the touch screen turned off. The wide range comes in handy in several targeted depplyments, such as closed vehicles or around freezers. Industrial monitors used outdoors generally have to nits.

This number indicates the megabits of information per second that the port can transfer. Some manufacturers up the brightness in their rugged products, usually into the nits range.

These can be mounted in numerous ways, using the dock manufacturers' solutions or the vast variety of RAM ball and joint components. On the other hand, Getac designed the S s400 slot handle common occurrences such as spills onto the keyboard and keypad, and all ports now have protective covers. The picture below shows a comparison between the S and a business-class Fujitsu Lifebook notebook we use around the lab.

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Our test unit, equipped with the top-of-the-line 2. But aren't bright backlights bad for battery life? Additionally, depending on the processor, Ss can be configured with Intel vPro, a set of technologies to remotely access and control computers securely. Since the S has vents on its bottom, it is not a waterproof design s400 slot its bottomside should not get in contact with water.

It is inexpensive insurance against theft. With both batteries, it runs twice as long as the S could.

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The standard display's x pixel resolution is legacy by now, but just high enough for most work. Link ports are sometimes labeled with an "S" and then a number.

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So just to be clear on this: While we described it as glossy above, semi-gloss would best describe it. That's roughly the size of a Sharpie permanent marker tip. The FireWire system is s400 slot into all Apple laptops and desktops, as well as most other Apple devices such as iPods. That's much easier with a button than via menus or function keys both of which are also available in the S When you don't need it anymore, turn it off.

With Windows Power Options set to Power Saver and the display backlight set to its lowest setting, we saw a minimum of about 4.

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S400 slot is so conductive that it affects the capacitance between two electrodes, which is the concept upon which projected capacitive touch is built. That's the way Getac seems to have done it, as not only do gloves work in this mode, but the cursor now follows the finger even when it is a short distance away from the surface, and touch operations no longer require a firm touch. What became clear in our testing, though, is that the S feels very sturdy and very trust-inspiring.

Standard capacitive touch doesn't like rain and it won't accept gloves. Even so, between the excellent power management of Intel's Skylake processors, Windows' much improved power management, and the Getac S's extensive power management settings, if need be, the S can run a very long time on a charge, especially with the second battery installed.

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That said, while capacitive multi-touch works great on tablets and all those iOS and Android apps specifically developed for handhelds and tablets, Microsoft Windows was not developed for touch and it can be a bear to use Windows with s400 slot, especially when using the legacy desktop and legacy Windows software with all those tiny check boxes, screen borders and scrollers.

A word about the capacitive stylus. That's still not "retina" type of resolution, but it is a good deal sharper than the original iPad and Microsoft Surface. On a full battery, G-Manager showed a minimum draw that was around 4. By offering both remarkably smooth and responsive capacitive multi-touch, and a very good capacitive stylus.