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In addition, my father and I have caught a number of smallmouths that weighed well over the 4-pound mark as well. Submerged vegetation such as coontail and several types of pondweed can also be found on sections of the lake.

January is definitely the time to throw on some extra clothes, break out the hand warmers and give these tactics a try in order to tangle with some bronzeback bruisers right now. Short and Emberton again caught two small fish weighing an identical 3. This will enable the jig to suspend at the desired depth and the bobbing float will move and add a lifelike action that will drive the smallmouths crazy.

Fishing is permitted with one hand-held rod and single hook only. These simplistic metal lures can very effective during the cold winter months on Cumberland.

Furthermore, anglers can only keep one fish above or below the slot limit, allowing more smallmouths to survive and mature. These lures also sink quickly to reach the bass.

Generally, icy-cold water temperatures have a way of turning active fish like smallmouths into sluggish predators. Generally, you want a stationary float that is fixed around 8 feet or more above the fly. The small pair totaled 3. The tournament produced eight trophy fish over 21 inches long, four of which were brought in by the top three finishers and one by the first-day big fish winners.

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Not to mention the lake is full of alewives, threadfin and gizzard shad, which offer a strong forage base for hungry bronzebacks. Laurel River, Cumberland and Dale Hollow lakes are the places to be for great wintertime action with bruiser bronzebacks right now!

Laurel River Lake is small in size, but has the potential to produce some trophy-class smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass feed heavily upon forage like gizzard and threadfin shad. The rest of the top ten finishers included: An integral step in catching smallmouths under these conditions is finding the baitfish. This lightweight setup is ideal for smallmouths suspending beneath baitfish in cold water that is at or below the degree mark.

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Photo by Ron Sinfelt By Travis Faulkner January can potentially generate bone-chilling temperatures, icy treacherous roads, sleet and even heavy snow. Kentucky residents are very fortunate to be living at a close drive from several lakes that hold awesome numbers of smallmouth bass. When fished slowly, these baits can absolutely fill the boat on a cold January day.

You can save an enormous amount of time by utilizing your depthfinder to pinpoint suspending schools of shad before you begin fishing. Thanksgiving weekend the Second Annual Smalljaw. Although the lake is small in stature when compared to Cumberland and Dale Hollow, it still provides some awesome wintertime smallmouth bass fishing and should not be overlooked by anglers this January.

Use or possession of any artificial lures other than single hook artificial flies, spinners, and spoons is prohibited. Smallmouth anglers can find several boat ramps that offer quick and easy access to Laurel Lake.

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So what are you waiting for? However, I have experienced some trips where light colors, such as yellow and white, have produced the best. Paying close attention to your fish-finder can be the difference between a hot action-packed trip or a bone-numbingly cold, fruitless January outing.

You want to cast the bait toward the bank and let the lure fall to the bottom while carefully watching your line. It is an ultra-clear lake that encompasses deep water and a variety of structures, which are very suitable for bass in general.

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Some areas are managed especially for children 12 and under. They can be kept in the strike zone for extended periods of time when fished vertically like a jig in deep water. The slot limit was implemented back in and requires anglers to release any smallmouths caught in the to inch slot.

Once again, key banks that generally hold numbers of smallmouths in January include rocky bluffs and long points close to the river channel.

Children's Streams - The creel limit is two 2 trout per day for children twelve 12 and under. The lake has approximately 5, acres of surface water and an average depth of 72 feet. In fact, I worked my way through college as an employee of Grove Marina, which is one of only two marinas on the entire lake. During the past couple of years, I personally have caught more and bigger smallmouths on Dale Hollow.

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This is a perfect time for die-hard bass anglers to dress warm and be on the water. Smallmouths can also feed on crayfish and other minnow species that populate the lake.

In fact, about six years ago, Coolie Williams landed an 8-pound, 7-ounce smallmouth from Laurel that stands as the current state record. Most of the Cumberland consists of a limestone bottom, and rocky structure makes up the majority of cover across the lake. Catch-and-release season is October 1 through the last day of February.

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In addition, the mouths of major creeks and secondary points will also hold good numbers of winter smallmouths.