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Make sure you know the coin amounts, since the procedure is pretty important.

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Before going forward, hug the right side to find a hidden path with the third carving, and a fallen knight holding a Life Gem at the end of the pathway. You will start with the rare ring item in your inventory. The passage will lead you outside to a courtyard.

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The next corpse ahead holds a scroll. After defeating it, use the hook to get further into the cave and use the next grip point to go down. Go down, refill your magic and get the scroll from the fallen knight, then haul yourself down back into the tower.

You will now need to destroy all the pillars around the area, which is pretty easy, while avoiding the Dark Lord's attacks. After picking it up, drop down and place the key into one of the slots next to the large gate. He's not that tough of a boss, so this shouldn't take too long.

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Select the fairies and press to send one to distract him. Jump along the remaining ledges to reach an area with three Lycanthropes.

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Hold L2 and crush through it to complete the level. Get back up and work your way across the chasm using the grip points until you reach the other side, which marks the end if this level. If you go in order from the beginning of the level to the end, I've found numbers, 1, 2, 4, and 5 I'm at a loss to where number 3 is.

There's another grip point above; hook to it and climb up to find a crystal shard and a knight holding a Light Magic Gem. Now you'll need to cross the swamp, but you can only walk in the dark green water the poisonous fog around will kill you. V-II "As he walked through the empty streets of Wygol Village, Gabriel could feel the fear that gripped the townsfolk. Keep on climbing to find the first rune and hit it a couple of times to destroy it.

Also, once you defeat a skeleton, the bones will remain on the ground, and it will come back to life unless you completely destroy them or use holy water. The fight against the Ice Titan is similar to those from Shadow of the Colossus.

Go upstairs to the final room, where Gremlins will attack you. Behind you will find a fallen knight holding the second runic stone key.

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Keep on doing this process until you reach the other side. EmperorRevan - 7 years ago Accepted Answer The third rune is hidden in a room off to the side of the larger area with a dead Brotherhood knight before the fourth rune.

Then go back down and climb up again, this time following the path up and refill your magic at the top.

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If you go right, there's a grip point across the pit, so hook yourself to it to cross. The boss uses the same patterns again so you know the drill.

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Weaken it to mount it, then destroy the statue blocking the way. Walk through the waterfall to find a corpse behind and a Light Magic Gem. Climb up the wall, then use the grip point on the left to enter a courtyard full of enemies.

Ahead you will drop off the path to a goblin infested area. Get rid of them, then quickly spin the slots 7 seas backwards to lift the door open before more warhogs come out. Hurry across it as it will collapse and jump over to another wall. If you fall on the right side, you'll find a slot machine with the number "" on it. Inside the temple ahead, pull the statue on the right with R2 and pick up the shadow medallion.

Climb up to the top of the stairway ahead and a Chupacabra will steal your relic powers.

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It's not over yet though. Then climb up the wooden beams on the wall behind to get on the cliff above. Ignore the troll in the next area for now, follow the path to a corpse holding a scroll, then go up the stairs at the back to a seemingly empty area. You will be warped next to a fallen knight holding a Light Magic Gem.

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Call Zobek to hold the mechanism and get on the platform while he helps you cross to the other side. Go up to the door slot machine betting strategy the back and activate shadow magic. Dodge and block a lot, roll around the Black Knight and attack him when he turns his back to you.

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You can't destroy the wall on the right yet. Finally, cross using the grip point and kill off all the gremlins to end the level. Pick up the first abbey cloister key, then safely return to the main room.

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