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Using the station called Trouvillepassengers could reach Deauville in six hours from Paris. A common old joke among locals is that the wealthy bourgeoisie Frenchmen would keep their wife in Deauville and their mistress in Trouvillemaking light of the disparate socioeconomic statuses of the two neighbouring seaside villages, Trouville being a working class fishing village and Deauville being home to exclusive shops and expensive real estate.

Thanks to its situation near the coast, the village had a small harbour of little importance on the river Touques. Deauville became again a centre for high society and celebrities from almost every field.

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Deauville hardly suffered during the First World War. In the Festival celebrated its 40th year. As a result, the city is twinned with Lexington, Kentucky and County Kildare in Ireland, both of which are world leaders in breeding thoroughbred racehorses. A Enilla comes from the Germanic Auwja Auwa meaning wet meadow.

Such investments included a railway from Paris to Deauville, the Deauville hippodrome for horse races, and a small casino. The three most important races that occur in Deauville ever year are the following: Inonly seven kilometres from the centre of town, Deauville — Saint-Gatien Airport was inaugurated.

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Thanks to the D-Day invasion, allied forces were able to push the German troops out of Deauville and Normandy. Since the festival has continued to promote American cinematography as well as bring American and European stars to Normandy. He described the village as: George Clooney at the festival in This refers to the famous wooded boardwalk that parallels the seaside.

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Find the listing of previous winners and prizes at http: The hotel and golf course are situated on the outskirts of the town. During these successful years many luxury boutiques opened in the streets of Deauville Coco Chanel 's first shopas many stores from Paris decided it was worthwhile establishing themselves in the up-and-coming Norman resort. The locked harbour was dug up in Villas, hotels, and the casino were all occupied or used to some extent by the German forces.

A casino and hotels soon followed and rich tourists came in their numbers. The two famous tracks of Deauville are, Deauville la Touques and Clairefontaine. The combination of the national financial crisis and World War II completely removed the paradisiacal aura of Deauville that would not resurface until the s.

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Le Grand Prix de Deauvillethough not a Group 1 race, remains very prestigious; since its origin the winner's names and emblems are posted on the walls of the grand hall of the race track. Renovations were carried out and extensions were made to the hippodrome, telephone lines were set up, the sales of yearlings saw historic highs, and up to 62 English and French yachts occupied the basin. It is linked to the group's casino, The Royal, and has been "a symbol of luxury and prestige" since it was built in Today Deauville also hosts competitions other than simply racing.

This was essentially a complex for hydrotherapeutic baths and other cures, as well as a 1,metre promenade along the seaside. With scenes of award-winning movies being filmed in Deauville such as Claude Lelouch 's " un Homme et une Femme " and endless celebrity traffic, the town has renewed its status as an emblematic resort town of Europe. These include Hotel Royal Barriere, which is located near the beach as well as the centre of town.


It was in that doctor Oliffe, who owned a villa in Trouvilledecided to create a "town of pleasure" on the deserted sand dunes and in the first stone of today's Deauville was laid.

The important Ventes de Deauville yearling auction is held in mid-August each year at Deauville. Horse culture[ edit ] Horse Race at Clairefontaine Hippodrome Home to the Deauville-La Touques Racecoursethe countryside around Deauville is the main horse breeding region in France and home to numerous stud farms.

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Le Groupe Lucien Barriere is one of Europe's largest hotel companies. At this time the village was called A Enilla and looked more like a fishing hamlet than a village.

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Within three years, over forty villas were constructed in the surrounding area, and rooms, as well as other accommodations, were finalized in the Grand Hotel. Duc de Morny[ edit ] Deauville owes its greater prominence to the Duc de Morny.


In the s visits by Napoleon III made the coast of Normandy adjacent to Deauville fashionable, and soon speculators developed the infrastructure necessary to accommodate members of the Imperial court and the growing Parisian bourgeoisie.

The Touques was still unchannelled but during the Second Empire the low tides permitted the construction of walls. The festival, not at all known for its competitive nature, began to hand out awards in The village was originally up on the hill and a few houses were built next to the St Laurent chapel. Also, to the Duc de Morny's credit, was the construction of a church and a school in Polo tournaments, horseshows, and the European championship of miniature horses.

Beach in Deauville Inthe Promenade des Planches was created and finalized.

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Land was bought and large villas, sometimes even palaces, were built. It was during World War II with the German Occupation that Deauville saw most of its leisure properties confiscated for use by the occupying force. The duc bought 2. Deauville American Film Festival In an effort to prolong the summer season Lucien Barriere and Michel d'Ornano agreed to sponsor Lionel Chouchon and Andre Halimi s idea of a film festival that specifically promoted American films, both big-budget and independent features.


Deauville is internationally known for its horse culture, its famous tracks, Yearling sales and its multiple group one annual races. This was a pivotal event in the Deauville's history, specifically in terms of tourism, as now London was only a 2-hour trip from Deauville. Mornywho had influence at Court, managed to persuade the aristocracy that staying on the coast would benefit their health.

The railway arrived at Trouville-sur-Mer in History overview[ edit ] The history of Deauville can be traced back towhen seigneur Hubert du Mont-Canisy dominated the magnificent land which was previously known as Auevilla. Today, Deauville is easily accessible from Paris thanks in large part to the extension of highway A From 26—27 MayDeauville hosted the 37th G8 summit.

Modern times[ edit ] During the s, Deauville started to see more mass-market visitors. Specializing in luxury hotels and casinos Groupe Lucien Barriere own 15 casino lucien barriere deauville and over 35 Casinos throughout France.

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The buyer had indeed bought marsh land and sold constructible land. Before the death of the Duc incertain key investments were made that would transform Deauville's history. But this lack of life is, in reality, only apparent, because the magnificent properties, and their delicious gardens, are maintained with a care that could not be more refined.

Following the war, and perhaps exemplified in the s and beyond, Deauville understood what it represented and decided to act in accordance, playing the cards it had at its disposal: In the same year, " La Terrasse " was brilliantly created.