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Inthe Irish industry was dealt another blow when Peter Stringfellow's club on Parnell street in Dublin closed down after just five months.

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Conversely, you know the recession is ongoing when the Chippendales reform and announce a string of appearances, including Dublin. A far more pressing issue for men who like lap-dancing clubs is the fact that the cost of buying a lap dance here is relatively expensive. Life as a lap dancer Independent. Irish lap-dancing clubs are facing challenging times.

At the time, she worked in a fast-food takeaway and dreamed of being a podium dancer.

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They are now classed as sex establishments rather than bars or clubs. So men do come in expecting something different and they do give out about the prices. Each customer pairs off with a dancer, buys a token casino lapdance dublin the club manager and disappears into this room for anywhere between three minutes and an hour.

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They think it's a kind of cheating because their man is being sexually excited by another woman, but I don't know where they get off saying that -- there's no sex or kissing or touching, it's not cheating. Some people can't handle the fact that I dance to get the money for the things I want.

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What I earn by night, I survive on by day. In the UK and America, many clubs charge women a house fee to dance there. In Angels, only two of the current pool of dancers are students, according to Joe Moore.

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Apart from Operation Quest, new Irish licensing laws inthe smoking ban and the recession have also contributed to the downturn in fortunes for lap-dancing clubs here. Her family and some of her partner's family know she's a lap dancer.

This theory was challenged at the Barclay club a number of years ago when gardai raided it and found one dancer being touched by a customer during a lap dance.

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The casino lapdance dublin class' club had met with stiff opposition from protesting locals and was also considered by industry insiders to be in the wrong place. Angels manager Joe Moore, a former golfing salesman from Dublin's East Wall, says the club had a revamp a few years ago, but the place looks tired and is in need of refurbishment.

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But, claims Moore, there's no money to invest in refurbishment. They chat and text on their mobile phones. It gets me out of the house, keeps me sane.

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Amanda Norton says she has seen a difference in how the business and its recession-time clients operate. Some clubs say they are still ticking over, others say they have been hit hard by the recession.

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In the industry's heyday, some Irish clubs are said to have previously charged dancers a house fee to perform.