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Now you live out in Hollywood, you just do something. You going to pick up these halibut or what? Found your address book in the theater last week. Sorry old buddy, but there have been gunshots around your place once too often.

Hey, buddy, I was wrong. That's the pink slip on your '79 Firebird, I believe.

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Catch you next year when I get back. Deadlock In Parma [] Because of where you live says so much about you, your home has been selected by Royal Imperial Roofing and Siding as our neighborhood showcase. Only trouble is I need twenty. I love you for it, but can you have lunch tomorrow to talk about the divorce?

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Black jack llantas help on the audit now? I got the bill and I've been trying to figure black jack llantas everybody owes on L.

Do you want me to save it or are the cops going to let you stay where you are? It's just me and Aunt Sissy and B.

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You know how bad my insomnia is. The No-Cut Contract [] Horas fantasticos. Got a call from Davis at the IRS. So you helped me move, that's it?

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Do you know that last night I had one of my dreams? The whales need you, Jim. You know, Thursday is Chapman's 20th year, and we're giving a little surprise party 5 dollar blackjack biloxi the Captain's. This is the third time you've cancelled. Madame Arcala at the Zodiac Resturant.

Then I pull the breaker just like you said. Jim, come and get me.

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If you're wondering what happened to your trailer door, it's going to win me first prize.