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Once you no longer have any words left, the game will be over. On the flip side, serious gamers can place much higher wagers on each line per spin giving themselves a chance to hit gigantic wins with each turn of the reels. Just like a video game! Finally, there is a bonus feature that will require you to pick out a warrior of your choice. Some provide bonus multipliers, while others award credits which the multiplier is then applied to.

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In order to help his actors get a feel for jungle living, James Cameron took the cast to Hawaii. Leave your opinion about "Avatar". James Cameron picked Sam Worthington for the lead role because he was a relative unknown outside of his native Australia. At some point you will have to fly a banshee, battle an enemy helicopter and wander the luminescent forests. The only thing is that you can only get as much as 5 at a time.

Hitting the maximum bet button which automatically adjusts your wager to the maximum possible while also offering the biggest possible wins. The Take Flight Bonus in which you attempt to tame a banshee for a dramatic flight in the hope for a big payout. This sets both parties on a collision course, with the future of Pandora hanging in the balance.

Willow Glade Bonus Try to find the seeds of the sacred tree by touching it on the screen. There are also unlockable hidden achievements, making the slot similar to a traditional home video game. This alone creates an extremely appealing gaming environment for players, but this one has so much more to offer.

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Avatar also provides the opportunity of playing several different games, set in different environments. To sweeten the deal, Col. James Cameron kept a nail gun on the set. Pine would later refer to it as his worst audition ever.

Players can play in the following ways: This 5 reel, 25 pay line video slot produced by the well-established IGT in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox has the industry fixed in a state of amazement. James Cameron received the inspiration to create Avatar after seeing the Disney film Pocahontas. This means that players can place a minimum wage of 1 cent per spin. But be also sure to monitor for the Arrow Boost.

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It will require you to tame a ferocious banshee and not only that but fly it afterwards, too. Players are able to collect a number of prize levels and achievements, and these can be used to unlock new characters. It acts as a multiplier and will make for some pretty solid wins and instant payouts.

Betting Range of Avatar Slots The game has a very wide range of betting options to cater for all types of player. You can stake anywhere from 1 cent to coins per spin. Quaritch promises Jake that his legs will be restored if he can gather valuable data about the Na'vi. Each game in the series focuses on a different aspect of the film, although all releases include familiar sights such as the Na'vi avatar casino slots the local flora and fauna of Avatar casino slots.

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Vertical base games may also fuse together during gameplay, providing a whopping 7, ways to win. Summary Avatar was a massive success at the box office, and its slot machine adaptations have also received acclaim from both customers and industry insiders. The first choices of the studio were Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon.

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Banshee Wilds The flying beasts known as banshees come across the screen, dropping three to eight wild symbols in the process. You also have the opportunity of winning freespins in this game, which surely never hurts.

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Manual play with fully adjustable wagering options on each spin. Banshee Match Bonus You get six opportunities to match the Na'vi with their correct banshee. It is also offered on most mobile devices and offers a fantastic gaming experience for players to enjoy while they are out and about.

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