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Feeling betrayed from this revelation, and guessing that John has warned Scorpia about his defection in an attempt to weaken them further, Yassen abandons his original plans and returns to Sharkovsky's estate, using the skills he learned from Scorpia to infiltrate the place and confront Sharkovsky.

The novel serves as a prequel to the Alex Rider series but mainly focuses on the childhood of the assassin who appears in many of the books, Yassen Gregorovich. Yassen spends the next four months at Scorpia's training facility on the island of Malagosto before being given his first contract, which he is unable to carry it out, and Scorpia decide to pair him up with John Rider, Alex Rider's father and an MI6 double agent within Scorpia.

As John and Yassen wait in an airport — Yassen planning to take a plane to Berlin and vaporise — Yassen discovers a gadget from MI6 in John's luggage, and subsequently discovers his true allegiance.

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Yassen — who had been recalling the events of the novel after receiving an order to kill Alex — kills Herod Sayle, not because of orders from Scorpia as he had claimed to Alex though he believes they would eventually have wanted him killedbut so that he could talk with John Rider's son.

It was first published in Yassen once again survives, and kills Sharkovsky.

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He reveals his true identity, as well as Sharkovsky's role in influencing his life, before playing Russian Roulette, this time with five bullets in the revolver, seeing it as his last chance to leave the path of a killer. His parents work at a nearby fertiliser factory that secretly develops chemical weapons for the Russian government.

Yassen escapes into the forest with his best friend Leo Tretyakov as attack gunships sent by the Russian authorities destroy the village, to contain the outbreak and cover up the development of the chemical weaponry.

After making two unsuccessful attempts to escape, Yassen spends the next three years at Sharkovsky's estate, serving as his food taster as well as a general labourer. During the first contract, John saves Yassen's life, expresses doubt that Yassen has it in him to be a killer, and suggests that he give up if he does not want to be one. The more you know, the better you will be.

Yassen chooses to disregard Scorpia's order to kill Alex to repay John for saving his life, and tells Alex not to become a spy, since he still feels that he has a author roulette at a normal life.

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The pair work two contracts together. It is revealed that Sharkovsky in fact survived the attempt on his life, and Grant is subsequently killed by Rothman for his failure. The final chapter takes place during the last chapter of Stormbreaker. Roulette can be defined as the many popular sport of odds in a casino.

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Leo dies of the disease that night and Yassen continues on alone, narrowly avoiding getting caught by the police and escaping onto a train for Moscow.

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Yassen talks Grant into letting him escape with him, and the two meet up with Julia Rothman, one of the commanders of Scorpia.

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In the past, Yassen is a young boy in a small Russian village named Estrov. One day, a Scorpia assassin, Grant, infiltrates the compound and shoots Sharkovsky, supposedly killing him.

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As the smallest of the gang Yassen is chosen to crawl through a fortochka and let the other members into the house, but Sharkovsky unexpectedly returns to the flat and captures Yassen. The second contract takes place in Paris, where Yassen again hesistates to kill the target, and admits to John that he does not want to be an assassin.

Yassen finds Dementyev in Moscow Universitybut far from helping him, Dementyev calls the police. Yassen agrees, his only other option being to return to Russia, where Sharkovsky's people will no doubt be looking for him. Part of being a great roulette player is developing your skill set.

Developed in Europe during the 17th century, it gradually began going to Nevada in the United States. The connection the two of them share prompts Yassen to recall his past.

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Lots of new roulette people make the mistake of sacrificing cash on a specific number, not comprehending that it truly is better to earn by betting on multiple quantities, author roulette playing the surface. He is forced to flee his home after an accident at the factory contaminates the whole village with a deadly strain of anthraxwhich had been genetically modified to spread much faster than it would in normal conditions.

Rothman offers to let Yassen join Scorpia: Roulette is a very fun sport that you certainly love. Yassen's parents escape from the factory and give him the only sample of antidote, before they advise him to flee to Moscow and seek Misha Dementyev, a friend of Yassen's father.

Sharkovsky decides to let Yassen live and work as a food taster due to the recent death of the previous one, and forces him to play a game of Russian Roulette with a single bullet, of which Yassen is extremely reluctant but he survives. He is aware that Yassen is a loose end regarding the chemical weapons development.

He resolves to become a professional killer to prove John's beliefs about him wrong.